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The Weyburn MX Club is the premier place to come out and do any kind of riding you can think of. Whether you want to ride a technical mx track with sick sand burms and huge table tops or cruise through the intricate trails in our hair scramble back country track. We even have a obstacle course for trials bikes if thats your kind of crazy.

Come check us out, and dont forget to you can download your waivers and buy your day pass online. 

MX Track
Off Road - Trails Course

The Weyburn MX track has won the CMRC "Track of The Year" so many times we ran out of fingers (of course we're mostly mechanics so its not like we had all of our fingers to start with). This beautiful sand track is built on the side of a hill and surrounded by poplar trees so its nice and sheltered, well equipped for our Saskatchewan wind. Huge sweeping corners and table top jump designs allow for every level of rider, its the perfect place for newbies and vets alike.

Trials Course

If slipping in the tub and breaking your hip the old fashioned way isn't your style, let us give you another option. Dont get me wrong, its super fun.....horribly painful, but super fun. 

I actually have no idea what to say here. Its an off road course.....ya know, off the opposed to all the on road courses......??? 

Parking and Pits

Grass pits, bathrooms, permanent grandstand seating. We have everything you need. 

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